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Garage doors can do their duty for years on end. However, at some point in the life of your home, you may need to resign it to the scrap yard. While this is another homeowner’s expense, it can also be a great opportunity to increase your home’s value and curb appeal. There are a wide variety of styles available on the market today, to give your home a fresh new look.

Single Piece Flip-Out Doors – This is the old style of door that flips open in one piece on a pivot – the annoying, inconvenient kind which requires you to back up any cars parked out front or shovel the snow before you can even think of opening the door. Simply put: if you have this type of garage door, start budgeting now to replace it. Once the pivot pins give out, the door will simply fall off. The pivot arms are not replaceable, so don’t wait for the door to fall onto your car, or worse yet, onto a family member.
‘Smiling’ Doors – No, your door is not being friendly! Smiling happens when a 16 x 7 one-piece double-car door loses its backbone support. Wood at the sides is held up by metal hinges, but the centre of the door starts to buckle and sag over time, creating a “smiling” contour. Even though your garage door may look happy, its not…and it’s time for a new one!
Rotten Wood – Do you have rot, fungi, mould or mushrooms growing on your garage doors? If so, then the door is suffering from moisture damage. Once rot reaches the nut, bolts and hinges, the door could be in a dangerous, unstable condition. While sanding and repainting may sound like a solution, moisture-locked wood is often past the point of repair. Consider replacing instead with an insulated steel door with authentic wood grain embossing…and leave growing things to the garden!
If you notice any of these signs, then it’s probably time to go shopping for a new door. For A1-GARAGE DOORS trucks can be seen daily servicing your community. It’s nice to know that when your door A1-GARAGE DOOR’s top choice in high quality garage door installation and repair services, visit A1-GARAGE DOORS Garage Doors or call 703-819-9206 / 1-800-715-8727

Who doesn’t find the squealing, rumbling roar of the garage door annoying? Is there anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate the disruption it causes to those both inside and outside your home? Thankfully, you do have a number of options.
Your garage door is attached to rollers that travel along a track. In most cases, both the rollers and the track are made of steel. Since, metal on metal makes for a whole lot of noise and vibration, your first line of defense is to ensure regular lubrication. This makes for smoother operation, but will not usually eliminate the problem.
Your next cheapest step is to replace the metal rollers with ones made of nylon. A 10-pack of nylon rollers will only cost you about $60, but can make a big difference in reducing the noise and vibration as the door rolls along its track.
A door made of hollow steel is a losing battle because the door will act like a drum to broadcast noise. Replacing it with an insulated door will help to absorb sound and vibration and will ensure a better seal against noise.
If your garage door opener runs on a chain drive, consider replacing it with a rubber belt-driven model. Or, choose an opener that runs on DC power. By operating at controlled, slower speeds at the start and end, these openers prevent the door from the grabbing and banging that’s typical of models running on AC power. DC models are so quiet that the door is silent and all you might hear is the soft hum of the motor.
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